We provide considered and practical advice to returned/returning UK Expats and UK migrants who are looking to transfer their pension to Australia.

With 25+ years of knowledge and expertise, we’ve dealt with some of the largest and most complex UK pension transfers.

Historically a transaction based service, today, complexities enforced by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the Australian Taxation Office and Australia’s superannuation system means that every transfer is different.

Compliance aside, in order to maximise the benefits of your transfer, strategy must be considered in the context of your individual circumstances.

Unlike other transfer services, we offer an integrated global solution incorporating our expertise in Australian Superannuation and QROPS, and mandatory UK advice (if required by HMRC) from accredited and FCA licensed UK advisers.

We believe that the quality of your transfer is directly proportional to the knowledge and expertise of your team. Our FinSec PTX services include:

  • Australian pension transfer specialists
  • QROPS specialists
  • UK advisers (affiliates)
  • SMSF specialists
  • Broader financial planning specialists


FinSec PTX offers a range of tailored services to
suit different transfer scenarios.

Our solutions include:

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FinSec PTX offers a range of tailored services to
suit different transfer scenarios.

Our solutions include:

What our clients say

We had been getting very distressed about the changing rules in the UK and needed advice we could rely on in transferring our pension to Australia. From the minute we spoke with FinSec we felt our concerns were listen to and their obvious knowledge in this field was a huge comfort. We were helped every step of the way and despite additional changes by the UK Government during this time they were in regular contact to explain what was going on.

Jacquie, Western Australia

We would recommend anyone to contact FinSec as they are easy to deal with, they listen, keep you informed and provide a great service from start to finish – this takes away so much of the stress involved.

J Hewitt, Western Australia

The only constant in the world of pensions whether they are in the UK or Australia is that the rules change constantly – this is what makes the task of transferring so challenging. I have no hesitation in providing this testimonial for FinSec Partners as for the last 2 years, they have always been there to advise and help and have always upheld the very high professional standards required for this complex area of financial advice.

John, NSW