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The FinSec Partners Team

When Partnering with FinSec you begin a new chapter. You are supported by a team of industry experts who believe good strategy and innovation can only be driven by forward thinking. Our advisers will challenge your ideas and are passionate about you achieving your goals. We believe good financial advice can provide lifestyle choices when you need them most.

FinSec PTX is a specialist pension transfer service of FinSec Partners. The FinSec team are transfer experts dedicated to helping British migrants and returning Australian citizens get the most out of their UK pension funds.

People migrating from the UK to Australia and Australians returning after working in the UK, need to consider several factors when determining what to do with any pension funds they have accumulated. The rules and laws that cover how, when and where funds can be transferred are complex and often built on shifting sands. Getting expert advice could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Lead by two of Australia’s most respected UK pension transfer specialists, the FinSec PTX service combines a comprehensive knowledge of Australian superannuation, the UK legislative environment and pension fund complexities to provide clarity around the feasibility and cost of transferring your preserved UK benefits to Australia.

Transfer advice considers taxation, currency and market fluctuations to provide the comparative analysis required to make an informed and confident transfer decision.

If and when a transfer is deemed to be the correct course of action, FinSec’s authorised advisers will arrange a compliant transfer from your UK scheme to your Australian fund.

Our end-to-end service delivers a cost effective solution that assures total peace of mind for a safe and secure pension transfer.

The Finsec Team

When Partnering with FinSec you begin a new chapter. You are supported by a team of industry experts who believe good strategy and innovation can only be driven by forward thinking. Our advisers will challenge your ideas and are passionate about you achieving your goals. We believe good financial advice can provide lifestyle choices when you need them most.

who we are

These are the 15 simple words that provide the crucial focus for us every day. They are the 5 core values by which we work. They line our office corridors as a reminder of who we are and what we stand for.

  • United we stand
  • There’s always a better way
  • Straight talk
  • Pursue excellence
  • Respect is earned

At FinSec Partners we believe that by understanding what motivates you financially we will be better equipped to guide you. It is clear that wealth contributes to wellbeing, yet there are many unhappy people in this world who are financially secure.

It is important to understand the balance between wealth and wellbeing. We feel money should be seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself. By understanding what drives your financial behaviour we can tailor our advice to ensure that your strategy is aligned to your personal values and ultimately leads to a more fulfilling life.

We are 100% privately owned and operated by the people who work in our office. By choosing to be self-licensed FinSec Partners have the control and flexibility to work with any product provider or institution in the market.

We control our own business systems and our clients benefit from the flexibility and simplicity that this brings. Our ethos on the other hand, remains big business orientated. As such we invest heavily in our people, technology and corporate governance. This includes:

  • our own in-house investment committee
  • a strong compliance culture
  • accountability to our industry regulators
  • a highly educated and informed team that enjoys the benefit of ongoing training and professional development
  • a commitment to a code of ethics that guides us as professionals.

Our world of knowledge

Meet the transfers team

David Ford
David FordAuthorised Representative
David Ford our senior adviser has been in the UK industry since 1980 holding various positions, latterly advising employers and trustees on scheme design, administration and technical aspects of UK pension arrangements. Emigrating to Australia in 1996, David can readily relate to the experiences that…

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Scott Noell
Scott NoellPartner
With 30 years experience in the financial planning industry, Scott Noell is a partner and key driver of the FinSec Partners business. Scott built his impressive career foundations specifically within insurance and superannuation before applying himself to more holistic financial planning practices…

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Anne Oliver
Anne OliverClient Service Officer
Anne, our dedicated CSO has been with FinSec for 5 years. She understands first hand the many and varied intricacies involved with administering a successful pension transfer and was an integral part of the team as we navigated both the 2015 UK and 2016 Australian legislative changes.

What our clients say

I understood that this would be a tricky transaction and that I needed a UK based organisation to establish my SIPP. David was very clear with me what I could expect and my options and I felt I could trust him. He never sold a solution to me- juts presented my options. He had a long connection with the UK based organisation he recommended and it just felt right.

Joanne, Western Australia

Thanks to FinSec my money is now safely invested in the UK until I decide next steps. Whats more I managed to preserve the transfer figure I had been given by the Pension Fund and avoided falling into a costly, unregulated arrangement. My experience was excellent and I can vouch for the service.

J Gorman, Western Australia

My wife and I embarked upon the complicated journey of moving our UK pensions 2 years ago and expected it to take at least another 3 years. One of the very good decisions we was to use the services of a major Australian Bank who assigned us one of their trained advisors in UK pension transfers and independent specialist pensions transfer advisor David Ford from Finsec Partners.  The advice has been excellent and has helped to ensure that we have met the complex but necessary rules that govern UK pensions transfers. My own background is strong in both Corporate Governance and Finance however I doubt that I could have succeeded in this task without outside expert advice.

John Stevens, Western Australia

The only constant in the world of pensions whether they are in the UK or Australia is that the rules change constantly. It is ensuring that the constantly changing rules on both sides of the transfer are met that makes the task so challenging.

I have no hesitation in giving this testimonial to David Ford of Finsec Partners as for the last 2 years, David has always been there to advise and help and has always upheld the very high professional standards required for this complex area of financial advice.

John & xxxx, Perth

We had been getting very distressed about the changing rules in UK and needed advice we could rely on in transferring our Pension funds to Australia but we were extremely concerned about opening a Self-Managed Super Fund to do this.

We were recommended to talk to David Ford by a friend/colleague who had dealt with David professionally in the past.

From the minute we spoke with him we felt he was listening to our concerns and we were comforted by his specialist knowledge in this field. We found the process easy as we were helped every step of the way and despite additional changes by the UK Govt during this time David was in regular contact to explain what was going on.

Jacquie, Western Australia

Although it was a lengthy process we eventually got our money to Australia and we are still getting great support and assistance from Finsec in regard to the Self-Managed Super Fund – which is wonderfully reassuring.

We believe the key has been communication, understanding and knowledge.

We would recommend anyone to contact Finsec as they are easy to deal with, they listen, keep you informed and provide a great service from start to finish – this takes away so much of the stress involved.

J Hewitt, Western Australia