A Finsec View – Yield curves, Shanghai shipping from space, get rich slowly & more

2022-05-06T12:14:37+09:30April 22nd, 2022|A Finsec View|

22nd April 2022 This year’s Anzac Day will mark the first unrestricted marches, dawn services and reunions since the start of the pandemic. Together (and in-person), old, young and new Australians will remember the price we pay for living in a free and peaceful society. On this day, we remember the servicemen and women who risk [...]

A Finsec View – The Budget Issue

2022-04-11T09:07:26+09:30April 8th, 2022|A Finsec View|

8th April 2022 A quarter of 2022 has passed us by in the blink of an eye, bringing a Federal Election with it. An event usually left for mid-year it was brought forward by a government looking to lay out its vision before a pivotal May vote. The headline grabber was cost-of-living relief in a budget [...]

A Finsec View – Investing in an inflationary world, A discombobulation, Reversionary pensions, the EV debate and more

2022-03-28T08:42:44+09:30March 25th, 2022|A Finsec View|

25th March 2022 The undeniable theme for equity markets at present is 'energy and then all the rest'! Energy is one of two S&P 500 sectors showing a gain for 2022, up 37%—the benchmark as a whole is down around 5%—and home to more than half of the index's 25 best performers. As for 'the rest', [...]

A Finsec View – Democracy, Xi’s big decision, Grumpy old men (and women) and more

2022-03-15T08:16:41+09:30March 11th, 2022|A Finsec View|

11th March 2022 The coverage of the war in Ukraine reminds us how lucky we are to live in Australia - 'Freedom and democracy'! Our political processes are far from ideal, but our democratic institutions and practices are praised for their robustness, functionality, and resilience. One of the very reasons Vladimir Putin wants to take over [...]

A Finsec View – Russia invades Ukraine, Wage growth, Who is Stephen Jones and More

2022-02-28T07:55:58+09:30February 25th, 2022|A Finsec View|

25th February 2022 The Russia-Ukraine issue is dominating every newsfeed, with the disturbing escalation of events over the last 24 hours. As you will be all too aware yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ended weeks of speculation declaring war on Ukraine, claiming Russian self-defence as he sought to demilitarise and replace its leaders. As disturbing as [...]

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