A Finsec View – Vaccines & your insurance, Evergrande, Toast and Emerging market themes

2021-10-05T09:23:54+09:30October 1st, 2021|A Finsec View|

Issue: 1st October 2021 Over the course of the last 12 months, the world has progressed through three broad phases of a recovery. The first, occurring in Q2 and Q3 of last year was around the growing understanding of the COVID virus and its management through containment measures. Large cap, growth biased stocks benefited at this [...]

A Finsec View – Jackson Hole, a cartoon rock, best & worst performers and more…

2021-09-06T08:47:31+09:30September 3rd, 2021|A Finsec View|

Issue: 3rd September 2021 Next Thursday, the FinSec team head off for our annual offsite. In FinSec terms, this means two constructive days away from the office as a team, workshopping our processes, improving on our client journeys and planning out the year ahead. As our offices back onto the showgrounds, normally, offsite is an escape [...]

A Finsec View – Intergenerational report, China’s millennials, 150 years of Australian shares and more.

2021-08-10T14:07:04+09:30July 9th, 2021|A Finsec View|

Issue: 9th July 2021 The 2021 Intergenerational Report is in. The 2021 Intergenerational Report (IGR) was released on the 28th June revealing the treasurers educated guess at what Australia will look like in 2060. It is a five-yearly reminder that, without action, an ageing population, and other issues will leave public finances looking ugly. To use [...]

A Finsec View – How inflation impacts different investments, Fed rate watch, New enhanced FDS legislation and more…

2021-08-10T14:07:32+09:30June 25th, 2021|A Finsec View|

Issue: 25th June 2021 On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve released a new set of eagerly anticipated economic projections. The questions on everyone's lips was, of course, inflation - what can we expect? And, interest rates - how soon can we presume to see a rise?The Fed has two mandates: maximize employment and keep prices stable at [...]

A Finsec View – Inflation ‘to be or not to be’, Enduring your responsibilities and Extension to reduction in pension drawdown rates

2021-08-10T14:08:01+09:30June 11th, 2021|A Finsec View|

Issue: 11th June 2021 Market Update May was a month where every asset class worldwide seemed to be up around 1'ish'% (shares, bonds, commodities etc.). Not the radical gains experienced after the US election and early this year, but an expected pause as markets begin their re-balancing. Historically, when markets travel as fast as they have [...]

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